The Northeast Environmental Enforcement Project (NEEP) provides professional training and networking opportunities to our members. Our membership is open to government agencies responsible for enforcing their environmental laws and regulations.

NEEP is organized and run by current and former government experts in the field of environmental protection.

Training includes in-person and hands-on field practical workshops as well as virtual trainings. These training opportunities are available to our paid member organizations. Some of NEEP’s trainings are open to non-members for a fee.

We maintain a diverse curriculum of training workshops and can develop new workshops to meet your specific needs.

History of NEEP

NEEP was formed in 1980 based upon a proposal by the Attorney General of New Jersey to the Attorneys General of several other northeastern states. NEEP served as the model for other regions of the country to create Regional Environmental Enforcement Associations. This proposal resulted in coordinating with the northeastern states and their environmental and enforcement agencies to develop and deliver a comprehensive collection of training topics.

NEEP continues to successfully provide professional services to our members. We have developed a unique set of training workshops for compliance inspectors, enforcement investigators, legal staff and supervisors. NEEP also provides an efficient way to network with other environmental enforcement agencies.

At a time when government budgets, at all levels, are under more and more scrutiny, it is crucial for state and local governments to utilize its limited resources to meet growing demands on their programs.

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